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Location Based Solutions


Astrata provides advanced positioning products, monitoring, and airtime services to commercial and governmental entities in a number of markets, including homeland security, public safety, transportation and construction, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and The Americas.

What We Do

The Astrata Group designs and develops advanced location-based IT services and solutions (telematics) that combine GPS positioning, wireless communications (satellite or terrestrial) and geographical information technology.

Our Mission

To be the world’s leading provider of innovative location-based solutions. We are committed to fostering customer loyalty and delivering sustained profitability to our shareholders. vital to our mission are financial stability, controlled growth, and appropriate risk management.


Astrata grew out of the burgeoning Telematics industry developed in the 1990s.  The Astrata company was created in 2004 through the purchase, consolidation and re-branding of three of the world’s leading GPS and telematics companies…
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Our Products

Personal Tracker – portable and compact high performance



Container Tracker – portable, self-powered and compact high performance



For vehicle recovery, fleet management, and driver and vehicle profiling



Advanced, real-time vehicle and asset tracking



For areas beyond the reach of GSM mobile networks

GLP 200


For fast and temporary tracking


Why Astrata?

The Astrata Group is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Telematics sector of the Location Based Solutions industry.

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Astrata has designed, developed, manufactured and currently supports seven generations of GEO-IT systems with units deployed worldwide.

Astrata has a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers that conduct research and develop new products, solutions and services to meet current and future market requirements.

Astrata has grown by incorporating new technologies into its product range that answer ever-expanding market needs.

Astrata is focused on Advanced Location-Based IT Services and Solutions (GEO-IT) combine GPS, wireless communications and geographical information technologies.

The Astrata Group fully endorses and adheres to its policies on health and safety, quality and the environment and has dedicated individuals responsible for these important areas.

Astrata has a worldclass technical support team of dedicated professionals specifically to aid customers in each of its operating regions.

Astrata’s systems and solutions are used in many applications including:
  • Homeland Security
  • Cash in Transit
  • Fleet Management
  • Transit Tracking
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Driver Profiling
  • Fuel Economy
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Service/Response Monitoring
Astrata’s customers are varied and include organizations in the following sectors:
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Retail Market
  • Rental Companies
  • Delivery and Courier Services
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Public Safety
  • Military
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